Advantages of Vapor Blasting

Wet Blasting is becoming a top priority for many motorcycle restoration shops. Why? With wet blasting you can clean restore and protect history with one simple step using wet blasting. With the flow based topography following nature of the wet slurry you can clean corrosion rust and years of grime and tarnish out of the tightest places in record time. No other process compares when it comes to not only cleaning but surface finishing parts for a rebuild. Dry blasting will remove precious marks and traits on engine and other components that add value to any restored motorcycle and wet blasting will simply clean over top of these marks without damage.

  1. The first of many advantages of wet blasting is it cleans by flow of water and abrasive running across the part surface not by sheer force and impact like in conventional dry blasting operations.
  2. Water acts as a lubricant or barrier between the abrasive media & components surface protecting the substrate from erosion and distortion normally found in dry blasting environments.
  3. Wet blasting can provide a slight surface peening depending on the abrasive media used helping make the substrate harder and more stain resistant ideal in restoration applications.
  4. One of the clear advantages in the wet slurry process is the fact that no media is impregnated into a softer substrate like aluminum, brass and bronze.
  5. No heat warping with thin parts with the impact protection of the water as a barrier. When part distortion and close tolerances are of concern wet blasting is a great option for processing and testing your parts.
  6. Leaves a very attractive satin finish on many different substrates like stainless steel, aluminum, brass.
  7. Provides an excellent surface for plating by cleaning the topography of the surface. With the flushing action of combined water and abrasive allows optimal surface cleanliness and preparation for final plating operations.

CR250 cases a customer spent hours cleaning with chemicals and scrubbing pads. They weren’t happy with the finish so they sent to us for vapor blasting.