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Piston Clearances

We measure our clearances 0.400″ from the bottom of the skirt. What we have found works best is to find different pieces of paper in varying thickness, measure with a micrometer and write the thickness on the paper. If the piston falls through it’s got more clearance. If it stops in the bore it’s about [...]

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Cam Specs

With any of the engines, the cam bolt and lock washer should be replaced frequently. Be sure to use a liberal amount of blue Loctite on the cam bolt and torque to the specifications in the manual. Timing checked at 0.040 in. (1 mm) lift, 0.00 clearance Running clearance 0.004 in. (0.1 mm) Cam Lift Duration [...]

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Ignition Resistances

Part Wire Coler Resistance Trigger Coil High Speed Black -> Pink 12-20 Ω Low Speed Black -> Blue 120-180 Ω Stator Low Speed Charging Coil Black -> Brown 230-350 Ω High Speed Charging Coil Brown -> Red 4-6 Ω Lighting Coils White -> Orange 0.6-0.9 Ω White -> Green 0.54-0.8 Ω Green -> Orange 0.8-1.6 [...]

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Bottom End Clearances

Crankshaft Width (Nominal): 74.95mm (2.950″) to 75.05mm (2.954″) Runout: Max 0.05mm (0.002″) End Play: 0.1mm (0.004″) to 0.4mm (0.0157″) Connecting Rod Radial Play: Max 0.05mm (0.002″) Axial Play: 0.60mm (0.0236″) to 0.93mm (0.0356″) Axial Wear Limit: Max 1.4mm (0.0551″) Small End ID: 22.02mm (0.8669″) to 22.04mm (0.8677″) Piston Pin OD: 22mm (0.8661) +0.0mm (0.00″) / [...]

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