Sound and Speed

Another great race weekend for the Southern California Flat Track association down in history! Results should be available shortly... Speedway will be running on the 22nd, the AMA National qualifier. If you haven't been yet, this is a good time to go! Races start at 5 PM. Park across the street... 5-8 bikes did not [...]

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Round 2!

Weather has been hard on the Southern California Flat Track Association so far this winter, but with the start of spring comes the promise of sunny weather and warm evenings. Round Two will be here very soon, so plan on flipping your tires, changing the oil and adding fresh race gas to the tank! There [...]

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July & August

Hot, right? First off, everyone will be sound tested at the next race, Round 8. 96 dB will be the max next season. To run the remainder of this year you will have to be 100 dB or less. Pits are for racers and officials. If you are spectating (no bike in the back) please [...]

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Race Weekend!

Here it comes! Round 7 of the SCFTA 2016 short track series at Perris Raceway! Sound testing will continue. The goal is 96 dB for everyone.  A correctly packed muffler, not too tight, will make a big difference in noise levels and will almost always make more power. All of the efforts riders have made [...]

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Flat Track Practice this Saturday Night 4-9pm – PERRIS RACEWAY!

"PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT " SCFTA is holding its monthly practice this Saturday afternoon/evening, June 25th from 4pm to 9pm out at the SCFTA Flat Track facility located at Perris Raceway in Perris, CA.  It will be the last practice before Round #7 of the SCFTA Flat Track Series on July 16th, so you won't want to miss [...]

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Bored? Nothing to do on a hot Thursday night? How about hanging out with like minded people at Douglas Motorcycles' Bike Night? This Thursday, June 16, from 6 to 8 PM. Directions here. Come see the new T120, Street Twin and Thruxton! Check out a new Beta! One left, sold all the others! Street legal [...]

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Noise At The Track

My mistake! ALL bikes need to make 96 dB this year, vintage or modern. Since the races are called off, maybe you need something to do? Open house at Douglas Motorcycles Saturday. See the new Triumph models (so far). Have some food and drink. Have your suspension questions answered by Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering. [...]

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Rain, rain…

Don't go away, just don't come  on race weekends! The SCFTA Double Header Race Weekend has been cancelled for April 9 & 10, and has been rescheduled for May 14 & 15. But don't worry, you can still get your April fix Saturday the 23rd. Gates open at 12:30 PM, practice around 3:30. Spectators can [...]

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March Madness

Hello Everyone! March is here, and with it, Round Two and El Nino! Forecast says it might rain, sometime, within the next week! Please call before you haul! 951-443-7622 Southern California Flat Track Association Racing at Perris Raceway has been very popular and exciting the last couple of years, so plan on getting there early if [...]

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The Buzzcocks said it; Noise Annoys!

We tested for noise levels this last weekend at Perris during tech inspection. Just about a third did not pass. It was obvious that everyone was making an attempt the get the bikes quieter, but this was the last time that overly loud bikes will be allowed on the track.   IF YOU DO NOT [...]

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