“All-In-One” Heated Tire Groover

Self-contained groover has built-in temperature controls eliminating the additional cord and separate
control box common with other groovers. Don’t let the small package fool you; this groover has the ability to
cut small intricate grooves yet still handle removing material up to a 1/2″. Tapered, razor sharp blade grooves
fast and easy. To operate, insert a single blade into groover, set blade height with a tire depth gauge and set
the power level. Place the cutting edge against the tire surface and obtain instant heat by simply pulling
back on the trigger. Groover features a Hi/Low toggle switch and a temperature control dial in the handle
for setting desired heat level. “All-In-One” groover requires “All-In-One” blades; do not use standard groover
blades with this groover.

Includes 1 Each 4/32″, 5/32″, 6/32″, 8/32″ And 10/32″ Flat Blades.

Backorders will be shipped directly from the supplier.