Vapor Blasting Pricing

We do not offer fixed pricing, the condition of parts varies widely and one of us will end up getting the short end of the stick. To keep things fair we have a hourly rate.

Our shop rate for vapor blasting is $70/hour with a half hour minimum ($35) and billed in 15 minute intervals. For example, a set of engine cases would take on average 30 minutes and would cost $35, but can take as long as 1 hour if they are heavily soiled.

Things you can do to reduce the cost of blasting is thoroughly cleaning your parts before sending them to us. We require all parts be cleaned and degreased before we put them in the vapor blaster. If we receive your part heavily soiled, we will first clean the part in our solvent tank (the hourly rate will apply).

Item Preparation

As mentioned above, parts should be cleaned thoroughly before we receive them. In addition to that, all parts should be completely disassembled, bearings, seals, gaskets, bolts, etc…

We use a fine ceramic mesh media in our vapor blaster, it’s great for cleaning in small crevasses and leaves a uniform satin finish. However, one thing it is not good at is coating removal. Painted parts can be stripped in our blaster with the ceramic media, but it is a LONG process. Some paints are easily removed, but epoxies, powder coating, and other highly durable finishes would take too long to strip in the vapor blaster.

We recommend you have your parts stripped before sending them to us, we can strip them ourselves but you will be charged at the same $70/hour rate for the extra time it takes.

Next Steps

If you want to move forward with having your parts vapor blasted, please email us at with photos of your parts and we’ll do our best to get you a quote.

We are capable of blasting any and all engine components, carburetors, hubs, triple clamps, etc. We may consider complete wheels but will not accept frames/subframes.

To save yourself money, make sure all parts are cleaned, degreased and completely disassembled. We are not responsible for damage to seals, bearings, or any other components left in your parts. If we have the capability to remove the part we will upon request. The media gets in the tightest of areas and can be difficult to remove, we do our best to rinse and clean as much media out as we can but it can sit in blind holes, oil galleys, etc. It is your responsibility to verify the part is free of any contaminates that may damage the engine when assembled.

If you are happy with the quote provided, pack your parts as if they are the only ones in existence and send them to us. We can provide shipping labels on request.

Lead time is normally 7-14 days from arrival but can vary. When the parts are blasted we will email you with photos and return them on your approval.

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